Smooth Jazz Affair#261-080114


Westchester Lady / Oya Como Va"00:39 Dotsero - Westchester Lady/Oye Como Va"
From "Alive At Jazz at Jacks" Artist Website

Chain Reaction"18:04 Boney James and Rick Braun - Chain Reaction"
From "Shake It Up" Boney James Website
Rick Braun Website

Celebration"23:04 Andrew Neu - Celebration"
From "In Clear View" Artist Website

House Of Groove"27:15 Euge Groove - House Of Groove"
From "House Of Groove" Artists Website

Dream Come True"32:43 Paul Taylor - Dream Come True"
From "On The Horn" Artist Website

Weekend In Monaco"37:10 The Rippingtons - Weekend In Monaco"
From "Live In L. A." Artist Website

Stolen Glances"42:49 Najee - Stolen Glances"
From "Mind Over Matter" Artist Website

Pleasure"47:21 Kim Waters - Pleasure"
From "All Because Of You" Artist Website

Reasons"52:37 Tim Cunningham -Reasons"
From "In Clear View" Artist Website

The Way Of The World"58:33 Nelson Rangell - Thats The Way Of The World"
From "My American Song Book Vol-1" Artists Website

A Familar Place"1:03:22 Jeff Kashiwa - A Familiar Place"
From "Remember Catalina" Artist Website

Ain't No Stoppin Us Now"1:13:33 Paul Brown, Najee, Euge Groove, Michael Lington live at Spaghettinis - Ain't No Stoppin Us Now"
From "Paul Brown, Najee, Euge Groove, Michael Lington Live at Spaghettinis" Artist Website

Here Comes The Rain"Background Music - Michael and - Here Comes The Rain"
From "Unspoken" Artist Website